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We want to help you succeed on your own and not be dependent on us. You’re going to do great. We’ll see to that. 

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Recruiters: You Have a Secret Weapon

There’s an interesting side effect that benefits you when your clients use our services. Find out what it is in this PDF.

Is Test Automation Right for a Startup?

Eventually you might want this structure, but will it get in the way early on? Not the way we do it. Get a peek at our strategy in this PDF. 

A Bit About How we Help Our Clients

We absolutely do not take a project and run. We work alongside you to help you succeed. Find out more in this PDF.

Getting Started with Test Automation

Overcoming inertia can be the hardest part. It helps to have a small goal to tackle. There’s an example of one in this PDF.

Fostering Team Cohesion with Test Automation

With the right solution in place, your test automation brings everybody together. We talk about how we do what we do in this PDF.

Sample QA Test Strategy

Without a good strategy for testing, things can get chaotic. We share what we know in this PDF about how to create order in that chaos. 


Custom Test Automation Frameworks

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Continuous Integration Strategies

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Fritz is the best QA I’ve ever worked with. He took a cluster of automated tests and turned them into a suite that was reproducible and caught issues we would not have found otherwise. His ability to find edges and do the right thing when it’s not easy is admirable. I would see him on a team as a substantial reason to join that team.

Mark Katerberg


Michael was an extremely smart and innovative addition to our test team. He helped us identify the best automation tools for our needs, and then trained our test engineers to use them. Thanks Fritz!

Jim Varner


Michael’s contributions to automation and finding a solution when there is a need for automation is remarkable. He is a wonderful mentor . He is able to look at a problem and come up a solution .

Liz Smith

Wells Fargo

Michael’s passion for IT and dedication to improving Quality Assurance practices are refreshing, to say the least. With just a few minutes of conversation it is easy to see why he is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and committed QA Testers in the St. Louis area. Michael’s commitment to TDD can be an asset to any organization that is interested in improving not only Quality Assurance but also their entire development practices and methodologies.

Mitch Galligan

Turnberry Solutions

I worked with Fritz for six months during a challenging ITSM migration. In addition to standing up a new facility for the corporation, Fritz was involved in maturing a new QA group and providing a dedicated QA presence on the ITSM project. Working with Fritz was a joy because of his ability to manage the pressure of increasingly challenging deadlines, willingness to go the extra mile to ensure project success, his humor, and his unshakeable pleasant demeanor. I also valued him as a source of novel ideas and ability to think about how we should be working while tackling the task at hand.

Steve Tarver

CenturyLink Cloud

I hired Michael during my time at Intelispend to shore up QA automation and Continuous Integration (CI). I had identified the open source tools (WATIR, Ruby and Jenkins) and Michael was responsible to take it to the next level. He hit the ground running and made an impact in his first week at Intelispend. He was able to get up to speed very quickly though he never used the tools before. One would be very surprised at how good his coding expertise is given that he fancies himself as a tester first. Members of the dev team provided feedback (un-solicited) to me on how well his code was written. We tried to hire more “Michaels” but we could not find any. It was great working with him and I would hire him again if that opportunity presents itself.

Srinivas M.

Management Consultant