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About Our Process

Good consultancies create solutions.

Great ones? They create experiences. At Arch DevOps we use what we call the “A-B-C” approach. Here’s what that looks like for projects that we deliver:

We start by performing a deep assessment to find out your team or company’s strengths, weaknesses, experience level, future goals and personalities.


Using the information gathered from the assessment, we craft a custom solution just for you, that will grow with you, with minimal maintenance needed.


We don’t stop at building the solution, we make sure to train you on every aspect. Custom videos, documentation, work aids and other methods are used to accomplish this.


It’s a big world and there are a lot of people to help. That’s why when we hand the solution to you, the goal is to help you be independent from us. When you succeed, we succeed.

Do you know what the 3 pillars are to great test automation?

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Is Test Automation Right for a Startup?

Eventually you might want this structure, but will it get in the way early on? Not the way we do it. Get a peek at our strategy in this PDF.

Bred for Strength, Speed and Agility

How we train large corporations to perform like sumo wrestlers–coupling their size with amazing speed and agility, to compete in an ever-faster moving marker.

Recruiters: You Have a Secret Weapon

There’s an interesting side effect that benefits you when your clients use our services. Find out what it is in this PDF.

A Bit About How we Help Our Clients

We absolutely do not take a project and run. We work alongside you to help you succeed. Find out more in this PDF.

Getting Started with Test Automation

Overcoming inertia can be the hardest part. It helps to have a small goal to tackle. There’s an example of one in this PDF.

Team Cohesion with Test Automation

With the right solution in place, your test automation brings everybody together. We talk about how we do what we do in this PDF.

Sample QA Test Strategy

Without a good strategy for testing, things can get chaotic. We share what we know in this PDF about how to create order in that chaos.

Check out these 8 steps to get the most out of your test automation

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