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Who We Help


Can’t move as quick as you’d like? Automation would help.


Missing deadlines sucks. Decrease stress with automation.


No structure? Nothing gets done. Automation brings that structure.


Specializing in healthcare, finance, insurance and logistics.


Little automation, big ROI. Calculate yours for free in 43 seconds.

Case Studies

Let us regale you with tales of successes in sectors far and wide. Bring your own popcorn. Tap an image to read more.


20+ teams. Wildly different tech stacks. How in the world did we bring automated API testing into this client?


Regulations! Regulations everywhere! A tricky sector for automation, but we’ve managed. Here’s how.


Once bitten, twice shy. See how we helped a famous healthcare provider succeed with test automation after a failed attempt.


2-for-1 deal! See how we helped two teams manage their code AND cut testing time in half in a sector full of red tape.

About Our Process

Good consultancies create solutions. Great ones create experiences.

At Arch DevOps, we use the “A-B-C-D” approach. Here’s what that looks like, and what it means for you:

We start by performing a deep assessment to find out your team or company’s strengths, weaknesses, experience level, future goals and personalities.


Using the information gathered from the assessment, we craft a custom solution just for you, that will grow with you, with minimal maintenance needed.


We don’t stop at building the solution, we make sure to train you on every aspect. Custom videos, documentation, work aids and other methods are used to accomplish this.


It’s a big world and there are a lot of people to help. That’s why when we hand the solution to you, the goal is to help you be independent from us. When you succeed, we succeed.


Summing it up in 95 seconds

This video explains who and how we help (and our mission, vision and goals) in less than two minutes.

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Oh and hey, by the way:

We wrote the book on automation

Automation can be hard for companies of any size to feel safe about. People worry if Robot Overlords will take their jobs, and then adoption falls flat.

While this book focuses on companies that produce software, the principles in it apply to companies that don’t. It distills down what can be done culture-wise to get people in the right headspace to consider automation as an ally, and not an adversary.

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