How Do We Help Recruiters Save Clients One Project at a Time? Like This.

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How Do We Help Recruiters Save Clients One Project at a Time? Like This.

Wow, coronavirus really threw the world for a loop, didn’t it? Everybody’s been touched by it in some way, somehow. Especially recruitment firms.

One of the biggest challenges is filling roles for your clients. But the pandemic has scared a lot of people into staying at their jobs when otherwise they’d be looking for greener pastures.

Your clients still have roles open, and therefore, solvable business problems. But with the “quit rate” across the world at incredibly low levels, how can you find the people that can help your clients, while still helping your company stay profitable?

Simple. Partner up with us.

Here’s what that looks like:

Tap Your Existing Relationships

The relationships you already have with decision makers at your clients are your best asset. After all, people buy from who they know, like and trust. The people protected by gatekeepers and 37 layers of management, you have a direct line to.

Right now, more than anything, people need someone to listen. Who can you be there for right now?

Who’s Looking for Unicorns?

Some of the people in your network are looking for the same hard-to-fill roles. You’ve seen them–a job req with a list of needs and nice-to-haves as long as your arm.

It’s already pretty hard to find a single person that can do all that, but now? It’d probably take a king’s ransom to convince that person to take a new opportunity.

But that’s good news, because that’s the tell we’re looking for–and that’s where we shine.

Wanna get a peek at our Awesome Process for Helping Clients(tm)? We’re happy to share.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

If you’ve identified (or already know) of a client in that situation, then we can definitely help. We’re experienced with coming in and speaking to any level of leadership, as deeply or as high-level as what’s needed, to identify the root cause that led to the job opening in the first place.

And we do all of that on your behalf.

What this means is, you can focus on the relationship building aspect of recruiting, continuing to meet and foster rapport with people. And rather than sweat trying to find that elusive person for that impossible role, we take care of the execution. The client gets what they need, you get paid, and everybody makes a profit.

What We Do and How We Help

Arch DevOps has evolved from being a QA and Test Automation focused company, into a full-spectrum agency. We realized that the needs of most companies extend well beyond just software testing or automation strategies, so we extended our offerings to be able to take care of any client, no matter the need.

We still love us some testing, but we also handle:

– Process improvement
– Project management
– Training at any level
– Custom software development
– Software testing of any kind
– Website design
– Web applications
– Mobile applications
– Search engine optimization
– Social media management
– Content creation

And much more!

Let’s Chat

We’d be happy to discuss with your leadership how a partnership could work, including getting key meetings scheduled, doing presentations, talking about case studies and past successes. We want to see you rock socks in this new post-COVID world, and we can absolutely help you with that.

Ready to talk? Schedule a call with us here!