Arch DevOps Sales Policy

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Nobody likes a pushy salesperson

When you think of “sales” you probably think of a sleazy, pushy person trying to get you to buy something you don’t need.

And that’s ok. Most people do. That’s why we have this spiffy sales policy.

Know, Like and Trust

Think of the last time you bought something significant. Why did you make that decision?

Turns out there’s some science behind why we make buying decisions. And it also turns out that people buy from those that they Know, Like and Trust.

What that means is:

  • If we’ve never met before, we’re not going to try and sell you anything.
  • If you don’t like us, we’re not going to try and sell you anything.
  • If you don’t trust us, you’re still safe, and we’re still not going to try and sell you anything.

Only when all those criteria are true, would we even think to broach a sales question. But we take it a step further:

Is There a Need That We’re the Best Fit For?

We don’t want to fix a problem that’s not there. But if there is one, it doesn’t automatically mean we’re the best choice.

We’ll be diligent about seeing if we’re NOT a fit to help you, and if we’re not, not only will we let you know, but we’ll work just as hard to find someone that is.

In Short: We’re Safe.

We’re passionate about building relationships first. Money comes later. Our goal is to create the kind of relationships that later, could result in sales, but it’s the kind of sales that everybody feels great about. Not the sleazy, pushy, overbearing kind.

If we’re in a sales discussion, then you should feel safe about saying no, objecting, poking holes in our logic. All of the “negative feedback” that most people are afraid to give? We love that stuff. It’s good data. We want to make sure you feel good and safe about not just working with us, but with having hard conversations.

This is our policy. And we’d love to chat with you.

The Arch DevOps Team