Business and Automation Course

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

Personal note: Hey Elina. I made this page just for you. Been hard at work getting my thoughts together on this, but based on our talk I believe this will be exactly what you need. There’s a reason why we crossed paths in life, and I’m excited to get the chance to help. Take a look through the below, and if it sounds like it works, we can get started easily with a subscription at the bottom.

“I think I’m ready to start a business.”

Every once in awhile, we get people asking how we do what we do. Not the automation part, but the business development part. At its core, Arch DevOps builds strong relationships with people, but is systematic about it. Most of the work we do in finding and nurturing those relationships, building revenue streams and everything else that’s part of business is automated. Or finding ways to automate it. So when someone like you comes to us and wants to start a business, we think two things: First: wow we’re honored. What a blessing to be able to help. And yes we would love to. Second: if we’re doing the right thing for ourselves, it should of course be able to port over to what you’re doing too.

That said, it’s gonna be a lot of hard work. For both of us.

What you’re looking to do isn’t easy. “Business-as-a-Service” isn’t a thing yet, because everybody’s ideal business is different.

Each entrepreneur has to figure out both what to do, and what NOT to do, to make their dream a reality. They also have to learn how to get out of their own way.

Ultimately you want to create something that can bring in a reliable stream of income, but you’re not trying to create a job for yourself. You want something that you could walk away from for a bit, and have it still running when you come back.

But at the end of the day, business hinges on strategy, mindset, and tactics.

Giving Yourself Permission

We may have talked about this before, but every coach of every kind really has one thing in common. No matter what they teach, they’re really helping you give yourself permission. You’ve already got the skills to succeed, because you’re a human and humans are capable of anything. So our job is to help you realize that potential, coach you on how to go about building something successful, give you the skills you’re missing, and let you claim it. Here’s how we do that.

First step: Big assessment

We’ll ask you to take a pretty involved assessment that digs deep into who you are, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This is done through an expert in our network who provides the survey and the report once it’s finished we’ll know a ton of stuff about you. This is crucial to knowing how to best work with you during the course, along with identifying what strengths to really make heavy use of (because we aren’t wasting time trying to improve your weaknesses).

Second step: Process, Tactics and Systems

We’ll work together to identify how to find clients, engage and build relationships, all while giving you some technical know-how to automate the more time-consuming parts of entrepreneurship. You’ll come away with a clear plan that you own and control, and the technical knowledge to automate your way around current and future bottlenecks.

Third step: Iterating on Success

Each week of this 12-week course, we’ll do a retrospective. We’ll close out the week asking ourselves:

– What went well?
– What didn’t go well?
– What should we stop, start or continue? And then,
– What next steps should we take on next week?

The Course

This 12-week course includes:

– That big assessment mentioned earlier
– Helping you form an LLC if needed
– Helping you get business insurance if required
– Networking strategies
– Content marketing on LinkedIn
– What to do when you start attracting attention
– Building out a CRM
– Business planning
– Developing your Service Offerings
– Email automation
– LinkedIn automation
– Mindset and habit development
– Time auditing
– Setting up an outsourcing plan and system
– Access to my network (which I’ll be introducing you to key people as we go depending on the needs)
– Two 1-hour meetings per week
– 1 30-minute meeting at the end of the week (retrospective)
– Constant support–text or email anytime and we’ll do our level best to answer questions within 24 hours
– and MORE as we work together

We’re dumping ALL of our knowledge into this and want to see you succeed.


The price for the course is $9,000 USD and lasts 12 weeks. However: we want to reward your tolerance for risk. So we have some discounts available for you.

Low Risk – Weekly Installments

12 payments $750 per week 0% discount

Medium Risk – Monthly Installments

3 payments $2,550 per month 15% discount

High Risk – One-time Installment

1 payment $6,300 30% discount!