“How do you guys produce four shows at the same time?”

Assess. Build. Coach. Deliver.

Simple. Automation. We had to or we’d go insane.

See, producing podcast episodes for 4 entirely different shows is time consuming. Scheduling guests, setting up the Zoom meeting, processing the audio, publishing the episode, creating the marketing collateral, notifying the guest and keeping everything together–that all takes time. But with a little bit of the technology we do for many of our clients, we came up with a way to release episodes with minimal effort.

Our personal record is 25 episodes in a week, and episodes go live within an hour of wrapping up the recording. And we can help you get the same results.

If you’re a business owner or freelancer who wants to build a following of people, podcasting is the way to do it. More people are listening to podcasts these days than ever before, and it’s one of the only forms of media that people can multitask with. They can work, play, walk, run, exercise or lounge around all while listening to a podcast. Your podcast. A podcast that helps you build rapport with your listeners faster than any other medium.

And, since it’s all automated, we only charge the same flat rate every month, no matter how many episodes.

Here’s what you’d get:

  • One-time onboarding call (one-hour) – $250
    • What’s your podcast about?
    • Who are your target listeners?
    • How will it benefit your goals?
    • Who are the best guests?
  • Set up the system and guide you on how to schedule guests
    • Set up Calendly
    • Set up Zoom
    • Set up Anchor
    • Set up Buffer
    • Set up cloud storage
  • Monthly Retainer – $250/mo
    • Unlimited episodes

Stop hesitating! Today’s the day to start with building your podcast. We can help you get it out there and help your time be spent on creating that awesome content. We’ll take care of the rest.