Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

The Three Pillars of Great Test Automation

Question: Why do some companies struggle with building test automation, while others flourish? Question: Why can things go fine for a bit and then suddenly crash and burn, causing a ton of rework and wasted time? Question: Why hasn’t the world solved this problem yet? Fun Fact: Companies waste billions of dollars annually on poor…
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Page Objects? Pattern Objects.

When people are tasked with writing an automated test for a web application, they’re going to be writing a tool that interacts with the site just like a human user would. Organizing the software in a way that makes sense can be a chore. When that test clicks buttons for example, it does so by…
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How Do We Help Recruiters Save Clients One Project at a Time? Like This.

Wow, coronavirus really threw the world for a loop, didn’t it? Everybody’s been touched by it in some way, somehow. Especially recruitment firms. One of the biggest challenges is filling roles for your clients. But the pandemic has scared a lot of people into staying at their jobs when otherwise they’d be looking for greener…
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How To Job Search Like a Salesperson

The competition has never been fiercer Millions of people are out of work. Every other post on LinkedIn is “I’m looking for a job” or “Can you help my friend find a job?” If you’re in that category, you’re not alone (and that’s meant to be encouraging!) But how do you set yourself apart from…
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WOW, Gray Quests

“Gray Quests”

“Leveling Up” in QA is important to survival. There’s two ways to do that. Read about it here.


Why Do We Avoid Pain?

Owie 🙁 I’ve been thinking a lot about pain lately. The other day our four year old came in and had a sore finger. “Daddy!” she yelled as she burst into the office. “Karisa (the two year old) slammed my finger in the door it’s really owie!” I inspected it while she danced around. It…
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Custom Test Automation Frameworks

For Just a Few Lego Bricks More

Awhile back I had the chance to get an amazing deal on Lego bricks. Having 4 daughters, my wife and I notice when there’s a chance to give our girls something educational to play with. I ended up getting 40 pounds of Lego bricks from a lady whose kids were old enough that they weren’t…
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The Hermit of the Spring

Lessons for both sides of the story. Has this ever happened to you?

Predatory Testing

It occurred to me that there’s a type of testing which looks like exploratory testing, but there’s a different mental approach to it. Exploratory testing seems to be more like: I suspect there are some bugs in the system, so I’ll strategically try some things that have worked before, to see what I find. And that…
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Software Testing Tackle Box

Testing is Like Fishing

The longer I do it, the more I realize that testing software is a lot like fishing. Now I’m no expert on fishing, but I do know some things about fish: different species of fish like certain kinds of bait some fish live only in certain areas fish have a lifespan and will only be available at…
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