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Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

WOW, Gray Quests

“Gray Quests”

“Leveling Up” in QA is important to survival. There’s two ways to do that. Read about it here.


Why Do We Avoid Pain?

Owie 🙁 I’ve been thinking a lot about pain lately. The other day our four year old came in and had a sore finger. “Daddy!” she yelled as she burst into the office. “Karisa (the two year old) slammed my finger in the door it’s really owie!” I inspected it while she danced around. It…
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The Hermit of the Spring

Lessons for both sides of the story. Has this ever happened to you?

Software Testing Tackle Box

Testing is Like Fishing

The longer I do it, the more I realize that testing software is a lot like fishing. Now I’m no expert on fishing, but I do know some things about fish: different species of fish like certain kinds of bait some fish live only in certain areas fish have a lifespan and will only be available at…
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Arch DevOps Coder on a Mac

We’re Not Paid to Code

Keep Calm and Solve Succinctly