Custom Test Automation Frameworks

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

Custom Test Automation Frameworks

The cornerstone of Arch DevOps offerings

Custom automation frameworks that are built to solve your unique challenges.

The secret is the right sized tool, grown just for your team. Not too much solution, and not too little. And, not creating it and walking away, but working alongside you to shape it to your needs, until control is passed over to you.

Good frameworks should require minimal code to use, should be usable by a wide audience, and not be maintenance heavy. That’s why ease of use, wide audience and low maintenance are a requirement.

Frameworks are written for any language (including Ruby, Java, Groovy, Python and C#), use open source libraries to interface with your project (Web UI, APIs, Console apps, databases) combined with Behavior-Driven libraries for readability (Cucumber, SpecFlow, Behave).