Data Generation

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Data Generation

One of the biggest challenges companies face is with creating reliable test data.

Without it, testing can be difficult and unpredictable.

Arch DevOps solves that problem.

With one client, each test had to have the whole database refreshed to a known state. This took 3 minutes per refresh, and there were hundreds of tests.

Instead, a tool was written that used a readable format to describe what the test data should look like. This was used during the test, at runtime, and test data was built on demand. Building test data took seconds instead of minutes.

Another project required data to be fashioned before sending it through the system. The developers already had an in-house tool for displaying that data in a readable format so they could work with it.

The solution had several steps

The first step was to make an example of the readable data, by making slight changes to the original. Then, a simple script was made to make changes to that data one bit at a time. After each change, the data was run through the in-house tool to see if the output matched. When it did, it meant the data had been modified correctly. This was much faster than editing data by hand.

Arch DevOps combines what you already use, with a dose of ingenuity, to get you where you need to be with your test data, with a focus on extremely low maintenance and learning curve.