Let’s Talk About Email-Based Relationship Building

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

While many people run toward the Next Shiny Object to build their clientele, an underappreciated way to maintain key relationships is the humble email. Everybody’s got one. Are you leveraging it to stay visible to your market? We are! Here’s how:

Interest-based Conversation Starters

Challenge: We have a lot of people we like to keep in touch with–close to 2000. The human brain can’t keep that many people top of mind.

Solution: As we talk with people, we diligently keep track of location, needs, notable events, and many other things, including: their interests. This is a great way to start up conversations with people we haven’t talked with in awhile. And now, it’s a service we can provide to you too.

Result: We’re now able to keep up with thousands of people, and strategically know when to send an email, make a quick phone call, or offer to schedule time to talk longer. It’s much more maintainable, and we’re top of mind with many more people than when everything was done manually.

Cold Outreach

Challenge: With a list of marketing experts available, the goal was to reach out to each one and invite them to an upcoming podcast.

Solution: A custom tool written to log into Outlook and simulate writing a pre-formatted email, replacing a token with the recipient’s first name, and logging when an email was successfully sent so they don’t get double-sent the same email.

Result: Approximately 40 people out of 900 accepted the invite, which more than a year later has resulted in some business coming from some of the guests.

Mailchimp Training

Challenge: A company that was previously deep in a certain sector 10 years ago looks to re-enter that space as soon as a non-compete expires. But in this digital age how do they jump in and apply current strategies to email marketing?

Solution: We created a detailed plan for a Mailchimp account that would take in highly targeted lists of contacts. From there, a light-touch set of automations were used to guide each contact through a process, filtering them down into likely paying customers. For a three-email sequence, three individual automations were created to send the next email in the series when it saw a certain tag get added to a contact. This allowed the customer to have complete control over who gets advanced to the next stage in the process, based on how positive the response was to the previous email.

Result: This company was enabled to start creating and rekindling relationships using email again without having to jump headfirst into digital marketing and social media. And since a lot of their previous and current clientele is available via that form of communication, it buys them some time to gradually get into social media if they so choose. Plus, as a bonus, we have a series of small videos that can used for future training of this same type.