Full Spectrum Test Automation Course

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

The goal of learning Test Automation is to find a better job. …Right?

But guess what? Most (all?) of the training courses, bootcamps, academies and everything else focus so much on the technical aspects that they drop the ball on actually helping you find a job.

See, job hunting is a lot like sales. You have a product (your time) that you’re trying to sell to a customer (the company). You want them to pay you money (salary) in exchange for that product.

So how do you prove that you’re the right person/vendor for the job? If you don’t cultivate the skills to:

  • Prospect for companies
  • Build your social media network
  • Show authority in your space
  • Master first interviews
  • Nail second/final interviews
  • and score the job

Then you’ve learned a whole lot of techie woo woo and don’t have an outlet for it.

If you’re on this page you’ve got the chance to change that. And I’ma help you.

The way this course works is to combine learning automation with finding prospective companies. We do that by using the automation that this course teaches you to help build your network on LinkedIn. We also show ways to create your own content to document your journey, that you then share on LinkedIn, and help build your credibility. Before too long, you’ll start attracting attention of the right people, and eventually you’ll get in front of the decision makers that can get you into your next opportunity.

(Dusty I just ran out of steam, I literally made this page just for you but I’ll flesh out the rest of this later. It’s $500/mo, cancel anytime, I’m also creating a group on Discord to keep communication going strong with people. $150/mo for any referral for as long as they’re enrolled.)

Here’s how to get started: