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I bet you know someone.

Hey this is Fritz, founder at Arch DevOps. I’ve got a LOT going on here that either I haven’t gone mainstream with, or I’m in the process of building out. I would love (with a capital ❤️) intros to people if they fit what I’m doing here. And I’m more than happy to reward you for those intros if it results in business later!

Below, you’ll find a list of initiatives that are brewing, and a description of who I’m looking to meet. If someone comes to mind for one of these, simply click the button for it, leave your name and email, and you’ll immediately receive a helpful blurb that can be used when you make the introduction.

If an intro you make results in business, you’ll get 10% of every sale! Especially cool if it’s recurring work.

Check out what’s going on:



What we do: We create podcasts for business owners, and the process is nearly 100% automated. All the client has to do is focus on having an awesome conversation with their guest.

Who we’re looking for: Business owners of small to medium sized businesses, who are pretty good at carrying conversations, and who are looking for new ways to get brand recognition and bring in revenue.

Custom Automation

What we do: We create custom solutions that free up TONS of time for people. As soon as a bottleneck is determined, we set to work finding out to make the bottleneck go bye-bye.

Who we’re looking for: Business owners who are struggling to move as fast as they want, who also know there’s a way to be more efficient, along with being willing to try new things.

LinkedIn Scraping

What we do: We safely scrape a client’s LinkedIn connections by logging in as them, and slowly collecting key data from each connection. The automation collects at least the First/Last name, Email/Phone (if available), current company, location and all the skills listed in the profile.

Who we’re looking for: Recruiters, email marketers, social media managers, and anyone else who wants to network using this raw data.

Time Auditing

What we do: The first step in finding out finding out where bottlenecks are is to determine where time is being spent. We provide a simple interface (a “listener”) to a potential client and let it track what windows are focused on, or when breaks are happening, storing data for a span of time in an Excel spreadsheet.

Who we’re looking for: anyone who’s said, “ugh, there’s never enough time in the day to get things done.” If they’re doing computer work and they’re bringing that up, maybe they’d be interested in a conversation.

Author Podcasting

What we do: We create a single-season podcast specifically for authors of books, who want to use a podcast to get more awareness. We’ll host the show, interview the author, edit and publish it, along with creating teasers for social media.

Who we’re looking for: authors, particularly ones that have just written a book or who have a release date soon. Another demographic includes authors who want to “reboot” and get some fresh eyes on a previous work and drive more sales.

Automated Email

What we do: We’ve got a unique way that we email. We do it at scale while still fostering that one-on-one communication that builds amazing relationships. We’re working on turning this into a platform, but until then, we provide this as a service.

Who we’re looking for: business owners or communications experts who would love to keep in regular contact with thousands of people, without going nuts.

Social Media Automation

What we do: We create small, targeted scripts, that take care of all kinds of operations on social media. Examples include: connecting with people who like a post, custom messaging and sequences, collecting unanswered comments, and much more.

Who we’re looking for: any business owner who wants to increase their presence on social media (particularly LinkedIn) but who doesn’t want to spend dozens of hours doing it.

Zoho and Zapier Automation

What we do: If someone’s already using Zoho or Zapier for automating things, they might not be getting the most use out of it. We know some tricks that take productivity up to 11.

Who we’re looking for: Anyone who’s using one or both of these tools, who’s still complaining that they can’t get enough done in the day. Probably means they fit this particular demographic.

Software Test Automation

What we do: we work with medium/large businesses who also create software, and automate the testing of that software. We also coach them on how to create their own automation in the future, without continuing to need us there.

Who we’re looking for: C-levels, Directors and VPs of large companies, particularly in the Finance, Insurance, Healthcare or Logistics space, that can’t ship software as quickly as they’d like.