Kicking the Habit

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Fun fact: I’ve got a bit of a drinking problem.

I started drinking coffee in middle school. Back then it was more about feeling like an adult. For years I heard, “It’s an acquired taste” and so building up my tolerance to that bitter brew felt like the grown-up thing to do.

Then in college it became a necessity. The late nights, cramming for exams. I wanted that boost, that edge, to help me get the last little bit of energy to figure out some tricky code or equation as I worked toward a CompSci degree.

Now that I’m in my 40s I’m finding that I’m drinking way too much of it. It’s actually been causing jitters and a bit of stress.

And yeah, I’ve tried quitting or cutting back, but with it being so convenient it’s difficult to do without something to replace it.

Coffee is one of those things that’s technically a drug, and it’s legal and widely available. You find it at home, at the office, at restaurants. It’s socially acceptable to knock back a cuppa on a pretty frequent basis. You wouldn’t think twice about someone walking around with a mug of it in their hand.

But like any drug, it’s easy to become dependent on it.

I’m there now. And I would love to replace it with something that’s better for me and my health.

Not long ago I heard about MUD/WTR. After hearing Shane’s (the founder) story about how he had the same realization with his coffee consumption, and how he traveled the world combining ingredients to find something to replace his habit while still giving him energy, I was sold. It’s one of the few ads on Youtube that captured my attention. The blend of tea, herbs and mushrooms, and the qualities that each bring to this drink has me intrigued.

I would love to try the stuff. And I would love to kick this habit.


If I’ve helped you somehow, and you want to return the favor, a really good way would be to ship a 30-day supply to me.

Product listing’s right here. I don’t need a subscription (unless you’re feeling REALLY generous) and I don’t need the little stick blender thing either. Just the mud.

It would really mean a lot to me, and thanks for reading this far.

When you’re ready to order, my address is:

Michael Fritzius
2108 Freckles Drive
High Ridge, MO 63049
United States