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Arch DevOps Leadership, Michael Fritzius "Fritz", Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Michael “Fritz” Fritzius
Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Michael Fritzius (“Fritz“) has been in IT and Custom Development since graduating from UMSL in 2006 with a BS in Computer Science. Starting as an embedded developer he has become an expert in the fields of quality assurance, test automation, web development, software development, firmware/hardware development, and project management.

He has gone to create a business surrounding these practices and has been able to impact many individuals and companies to help them deliver quality solutions and results at scale.


Arch DevOps Leadership, Alex Elias, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Alex Elias
Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Alex has more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship. He graduated from University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL) in May of 2016 with a degree in Business Administration with majors in both Finance and Marketing. His earliest entrepreneurial pursuit was starting his first business in 2007. Since then, he has built and exited several companies. His entrepreneurial efforts have spanned from start-ups to large corporations, sales, marketing, advertising, technology, custom development and development operations, manufacturing and sourcing, fundraising/capital raising, real estate, and much more!

In addition, Alex pursued community improvement opportunities which led to his role in organizing the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. He also serves as a Medici Ambassador, Social X Community Member and Mentor, MultiPass Mentor, is a member at several professional and community based organizations, amongst other roles and opportunities in both the local and global communities.


In addition to our incredible leadership, we have a team of individuals from developers to manual/automation testers and much more!  We love the work we do and are excited to help businesses create the custom solution that they are looking for!


Our Mission:

We give business, industries and humanity the power to instantly see, act, and thrive through our custom solutions.  We believe that no two problems are the same and each must be given the time, effort, and necessary tools (human capital and technology) to create the solution needed!


Our Vision:

Sitting at the intersection of operational efficiency and developing new technology, we help make the world a better place through quality assurance, automation, development, and technology.  We are the pulse that keeps businesses, organizations, and individuals growing and thriving!