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Over the years people have come to us wanting to learn how to do different things. So we decided to start making courses.

Below are the courses we offer on udemy — and we’re constantly coming up with new ideas to share.

Breaking Into Software Test Automation

This course is the result of dozens of people asking, “How do I get started learning test automation?” Years ago we would’ve pointed them toward huge sites with tons to read. It ended up scaring people off.

I changed my strategy by suggesting that they write up a small project. Something that they can finish relatively quickly, but will teach them the basics of automation.

The project? A messaging bot for LinkedIn.

This course actually digs deeper and shows you the building blocks of what goes into creating this messaging bot. But the end result is totally up to you. Once you know the basics, you can build-a-bot all on your own and add it to your portfolio and your knowledge base.

Everybody who’s written this messaging bot has had a lot of fun. Now it’s your turn!

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