Networking Via Content on LinkedIn

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

“Content Is King”

Y’know, people keep saying that, and then they create a ton of content, and then nothing really happens.

In fact:

I’ve been that guy.

And let me tell you, it doesn’t feel good to spend that much energy and not get a result. To do all that work just to have a few likes and comments, but no increase in network and business? Feels bad, man.

But What if you had a process to consistently keep bringing people into your network who are probably a good fit for you? And what if that process were automated?


Welp, it’s not a “What If.” It’s a real thing.

Here’s How It Works:

Keep Creating

You keep writing the stuff that’s on your mind. No change there.

We’ll Connect

When 2nd degree people start liking, we’ll start connecting.

Custom Message

If the bot doesn’t know what to say, you’ll get an email asking what to say.

Enjoy Your Network

Once you connect, you can continue the conversation with your new friend.

What We Need

To get started, we need:


This is how the bot (and we) will correspond with you. If the bot needs your input, this is where it’ll send the request.


For each post you write, you’ll need to supply a custom message that the bot can use when connecting with likers of that post. Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake, and the bot will take care of everything it can so it’s super easy for you.


The bot will be logging in as you in order to find your most recent posts, identify new people to connect to, and initiate the connection. Hope that’s not weird! We do this for other people too.


Because the bot will log in periodically, two-factor will need to be turned off if it’s not already. If you leave it on, it’ll not only prevent the bot from working but it’ll ping your phone a bunch and disrupt your day. Switching off 2FA can be done in your LinkedIn settings.

Ready to have an awesomer network?

Great! We have two options for you to pick from:

$9.99 USD/mo

$99.99 USD/yr