One-Off Packages

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

SHH! This is a secret page. This is for specific people to pick packages that we’ve discussed, that don’t fit the normal offerings. All payments are done through Paypal.

The Kris Edens Social Media Package includes:

  • Install Buffer (one-time setup)
  • Install an intake form on your website (one-time setup)
  • 1x post per week to go out on socials (up to 3 platforms of your choice, including Facebook Business, LinkedIn Company Page, Instagram, Twitter, but NOT Facebook Personal Page)
  • Same post also goes on your Google My Business profile
  • 2 hours per month of website work (and I work fast so a lot can be done in that amount of time)
  • 1x Persona Profile (this is where we take a deep look at kinds of clients you’ve had or sectors you’d like to do business with and flesh out a compelling story about that kind of person and how what you do helps them. That goes on the website)
  • Note: This service will require login access to your social media accounts, website and Google My Business profile so that the content can be published on time.

Price: $150/mo