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Audio engineers, podcasts hosts, and sound slingers of all walks of life: ever hear yourself on a recording and be like “😬” Whether it’s background noise, mouth pops, inconsistent volume or your voice just lacks that “oomph”, there’s now a way to automatically clean your audio into epic-quality levels. Introducing ReMasterMedia, a new online platform designed to make your audio sound spiffy, with just the click of a button. Get 30 minutes FREE when you sign up using the button below.
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Influence Coaching

People in leadership sometimes struggle to wrestle with their role. All the stress from balancing work and life, maintaining relationships, managing time and everything else has a common cause: not knowing how to mentally “switch gears” into that new type of role. As William Shakespeare said: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” If you’re in that last category, Dr. Stanley Ward can help you lead powerfully wherever your career has you. Schedule your FREE intro call using the button below.
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