Let’s Talk About Automated Podcasting and Promotion

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

Podcasts are great for building brand awareness, but they’re hard work! Not for us though. We automate the process for our own 4 shows, along with shows for our clients.

Overscheduled, Now What?

Challenge: At Arch DevOps we started with one podcast, and now we have four. But during a single week the schedule accidentally got full of shows and more than 25 were scheduled. And the shows were needing to be edited and published by the 1st of the following month. Uh oh.

Solution: Two days of non-stop coding resulted in a series of small, targeted scripts, each responsible for one aspect of the podcast editing and publishing process. From audio editing, creating audio waveforms, splitting episode audio, fading in, fading out, creating teasers and finally posting the episode to Anchor, everything was analyzed and considered until it was push-button.

Result: Not only did we manage to get all the episodes up and running on time, but it resulted in a brand new service for us! Now we offer that same streamlined method of turning raw data into amazing podcasts, and giving anyone the ability to create their own show from scratch, on a minimal time and monetary budget. In fact, we offer these services at a flat monthly rate for any number of episodes since it’s not extra work to let an automated bot run.


Teaser Videos

Challenge: Building listenership for a podcast can be hard. It’s a big ask to get people to listen to a 30-minute show because they may not be sure what they’ll get out of it.

Solution: Arch DevOps has created a series of automated scripts, each with a job of finding interesting spots in the episode audio, pulling out a 30-second segment, creating an audiogram out of the segment, overlaying it and some text on a background video, and adding a progress bar.

Result: Using these small teasers returns a significant boost in listenership. People are more likely to spend 30 seconds to listen to part of a show, and once they get a taste, they’re a lot more likely to listen to the whole show.