Your chief export should be awesome software. 

If it's not, we'll get you there. Here's how: 

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TODO: this is a page where people can schedule a talk. There should be a link to

each talk should have:
– title
– summary
– average length
– pdf of presentation itself
– mention how it’s done over zoom, high quality sound with professional mic
– time for questions throughout and at the end
– (note: each talk pdf presentation should clearly have and )

– show price at the calendly link, not here
– meeting will be recorded for all your members/people to take with them
– mention that since many talks have gone virtual, travel and lodging of course don’t need to be included
– provide a calendly link to select a time for the talk

building automation frameworks
creating a rockstar qa team
pattern objects
journey of starting a business as a qa professional
leadership in a post-covid world

mention that if “none of these really “dinging” for you? no problem–let me know what would really work well for your audience and if i can put something together i will, at no extra investment.”