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* automation topics *

  • building automation frameworks
  • strategies of test automation
  • test automation – pattern objects

* team building topics *

  • communication and team dynamics
  • creating a rockstar qa team
  • Focusing the Quality Engineer effort (ex: A lot of managers think Selenium/automation is going to be a silver bullet and it ends up being a maintenance nightmare or replacing lower level unit/integration/contract testing and not scaling or providing effective feedback in the long term.)

* test strategy topics *

  • requirements gathering vs use cases
  • Testing Strategy (how to develop in a testable way, ways to test, overall strategy, etc),
  • Pruning your test suites down to the most valuable tests (works for both manual or automated tests)
  • how to determine bug vs out of scope
  • transitioning from testing client/server based to web based products (tips: using the browser dev tool to monitor errors and other things)
    Browser/Device Compatibility,
  • Testing “Micro services” (since that seems to be a growing field)
  • How to minimize testing costs when moving to cloud architecture designs (unit testing, localized integration testing, stubbing out 3rd party systems, etc)


mention that if “none of these really “dinging” for you? no problem–let me know what would really work well for your audience and if i can put something together i will, at no extra investment.”

each talk should have:
– title
– summary
– average length
– pdf of presentation itself
– mention how it’s done over zoom, high quality sound with professional mic
– time for questions throughout and at the end
– (note: each talk pdf presentation should clearly have and )

– show price at the calendly link, not here
– meeting will be recorded for all your members/people to take with them
– mention that since many talks have gone virtual, travel and lodging of course don’t need to be included
– provide a calendly link to select a time for the talk