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Speed Up Your Testing Process

Arch DevOps test automation keeps your software bug-free while saving you time and money.

A Test Framework that Grows with You

When you’re starting out and laying out the test designs and processes that will work for your software and your business, manual testing gives you much of what you need to identify problems and fix them quickly. 

However, as you ramp up your software development, you need your testing capacity to keep up. 

That’s where test automation comes in, giving you the following benefits:  

  • Reduced testing time leads to quicker deployments and fewer bugs that your users have to deal with.
  • Continuous testing means that while you’re working on the next project, our test automation tools are working in the background and identifying new problems as they arise.
  • Removing tedium from those tests that are so well-defined that they’re pretty much an exact science.
  • Prioritizing substantive issues by automating standard, tedious tasks, freeing up creative space for other projects.

Are you a startup? Do you need test automation? Maybe!
Find out in this whitepaper to see if your current priorities would be helped with good test automation:


At Arch DevOps, we write tests that will take your software to the next level.

We custom-build open source technology for each of our clients, constantly working to train and coach your team so you understand all the tools in the toolbox, and what exactly is being done. 

Continue reading to learn more about our approach to test automation and see if our solutions will work for you. 

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The 3 Pillars of Great Test Automation

Usable Maintainable Extendable
All the stakeholders on your team need to understand what your tests are doing, how they work, and, most importantly, whether the problem gets fixed — from developers to testers, analysts, and executives. Updates and upgrades that take more time than they save are problematic. Your test automation must scale to meet the needs and capabilities of both the software and the organization. Five years from now, you and everyone on your team should be able to use this automation on their own. You must not only train your current team members, but onboard future ones.  

For a deeper view of building test automation with these 3 Pillars in mind,
grab our exclusive checklist and questions to ask yourself here:


What We Offer

We understand your need to be efficient with time, so we cut back on the time it takes to test your product. Our team of experts handles your project from start to finish, equipped to manage, develop, implement, and coach you on a wide variety of test types, including: 

Unit testing Smoke testing Functional testing
We write tests for each individual component of your web application. This is typically done during the development phase, and is considered the “first level” of testing.  After the first deployment, we test to make sure the build itself is stable. In essence, we want to make sure it works as a cohesive whole.  The rubber meets the road when the software goes to work. We test to make sure that all functions of the software work as intended — on both the front- and back-end. 
Integration testing Regression testing API testing
We test to make sure the software modules are integrated logically, then tested as a group. This test verifies the data communication between all the various modules within the software. Make necessary changes to your software without breaking anything else in the process. We test to ensure that current features remain unchanged when your developers make updates.  Avoid API misfires. Test to ensure that each API call is returning the specific endpoints your software requests, and make sure those are displayed in a way that makes sense to your users. 

…and much more! 

“Ask Me Anything”

The Ask Me Anything plan gives you access to the entire company’s wealth of knowledge. We’ll answer your toughest questions about anything in DevOps, QA, test automation, leadership, team-building, or anything else that’s holding you back from success.

Deep Assessments

Knowledge is power. So we provide a Deep Assessment to gather as much knowledge about your company as possible, and thus provide the most powerful solution. Whether for QA testing, test automation, development, or other projects, we assess your systems, goals, personalities, and technology stack. The result: a roadmap to get you all the way to success. 

Continuous Integration

Having great automated tests is one thing. Running them at the right time is another. We help you run your tests at the most strategic times by setting up a Continuous Integration server — or using your current server. You can deliver more value to your customers with minimal effort required. 

Our Testing Team’s Expertise

Experience, knowledge, mindset.  Scientific and analytical approach. 
Our team has tested many systems in our combined experience. This gives us a deep knowledge of this process and helps us know exactly what to look for many steps before it becomes an actual problem. We’re constantly asking questions, always trying to find potential problems so we can get ahead of them — and putting ourselves in your customer’s shoes.   We aren’t satisfied when we simply solve a single problem. Our goal is to keep finding problems and solving them, considering as many possible scenarios as we can conceive and identify. It’s a scientific process: developing hypotheses, experimenting, and analyzing results. But we don’t take forever to over-analyze — once a job is done, it’s done. We can move on to the next issue. 
Open communication & tailored conversation.  Empathetic coaching. 
We’re committed to constantly providing value to you. In order to do that, we have to have open lines of communication and take the time to actively listen and learn from you. You know your product better than anyone. The more we communicate, the quicker and more thorough we can be. All this technical language can go over people’s heads. We get it. That’s why when we coach people, we do so with empathy and compassion. We want you to understand what we’re doing and, hopefully, take it over. To do that, we need to earn your trust to the point where you’ll let us truly help you. The more you learn, it’s better all around. 


Is Test Automation Right for a Startup?

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Bred for Strength, Speed and Agility

How we train large corporations to perform like sumo wrestlers–coupling their size with amazing speed and agility, to compete in an ever-faster moving marker.

Getting Started with Test Automation

Overcoming inertia can be the hardest part. It helps to have a small goal to tackle. There’s an example of one in this PDF.

Team Cohesion with Test Automation

With the right solution in place, your test automation brings everybody together. We talk about how we do what we do in this PDF.

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