How we Created The Longer Game

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

A few months back…

Michael Maher (owner of Cartology and host of The Longer Game) reached out to catch up with us. We’d mentioned how we figured out how to automate podcasts for 4 of our own shows here at Arch DevOps, and he said: “!”

It was intriguing.

And so the conversation took a different turn.

How we’re helping Cartology

If you’re already having great conversations with potential (or current) customers, inviting them to guest on your show will make them your BFF. That was what Michael wanted to do.

A lot of people don’t realize this but: you don’t have to have a fat sponsorship or be Joe Rogan to make money with a podcast. You can use one to build business with the very people who you’re trying to convert into paying customers.

So what we did was:

  • Set them up with Zoom, Calendly and Anchor
  • Walk through the show format
  • Design some custom teaser video templates for social media

All Michael had to do was:

  • Start podcasting.

The result was: Michael was able to host some high-quality shows and provide the raw content for us. We took that content and:

  • Edited the video to be published to their Youtube channel,
  • Edited the audio to be published to Anchor,
  • Publish the show to Anchor,
  • Create some awesome 30-second teasers for them to use on social media,
  • Store any show artifacts in a common location for Cartology to get a hold of.

And the best part: the process is automated. That means we can produce 1, 10 or 100 episodes per month. There’s no limit, and the price stays at the same flat monthly rate.

Cool huh?

If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own podcast–or this made you think it might be a good idea–here’s how it would work for you:

Getting You Onboarded.

Within the first month of the service we’ll work with you to figure out your show format. Who are your ideal listeners? Who are your guests? What will get people to listen? Where are they most likely to be? We’ll figure that out together.

Getting You Setup.

Next we’ll set up all the tools needed for a great experience. The best part is: all the tools we use are free.

Getting Your First Episode.

Once you’ve recorded your first episode, we’ll get to work producing, publishing and promoting your show to your network.

Getting Crazy Efficient.

As we continue to work together, we’ll be like a well-oiled machine. Keep bringing us raw episode data, and we’ll keep working our magic.

Podcasting Isn’t Hard For Us. So We Make It Easy For You.

We offer three tiers of service:

$250 USD/mo – Bronze package – includes setup of Zoom, Dropbox, Calendly, Anchor, onboarding you, creating intro/outro, creating your first show, and editing/publishing an audio podcast, and producing 30 sec teaser videos

$350 USD/mo – Silver package – includes everything in Bronze, and also creating a custom midroll ad, along with publishing teasers to Buffer (includes setup), up to 3 social media channels

$500 USD/mo – Gold package – includes everything in Silver and also uploading SD/HD video to your Youtube channel


Ready to start? That’s the only part that’s not automated 🙂 Choose your tier below and we’ll get crackin’