Let’s Talk About Workflows in Zoho CRM

Real-world examples of automancery at companies like yours

The nuclear option for workflow management, Zoho is powerful, but can be scary. We can tackle Zoho on any company’s behalf so they can focus on building revenue.

Happy Birthday!

Challenge: The CEO of a company wanted to acknowledge birthdays but didn’t have the time to create reminders himself, or go through the company database regularly to determine whose birthday was coming up.

Solution: A custom Zoho automation which does two things: adds a reminder to the CEOs task list a week ahead of an employee’s birthday, and also sends an email to the person the day of their birthday. That way he can get a gift or do something else in addition to the “safety net” that the email itself provides.

Result: End result was that for the dozens of people at the company, that extra touch can make quite a bit of difference. Even an automated email, worded authentically, helps maintain the tight family feel of a small company, while not spreading the owner too thin.

Congrats on Your Work Anniversary

Challenge: The leader of a small company wanted to send a congratulatory email, or do something a little extra, whenever a work anniversary came up.

Solution: Zoho’s date-based functionality was used to create two different workflows: one for adding a reminder a week in advance of an employee or contractor’s work anniversary, and the one to send a custom email the day of the event. This allowed leadership to do somethign more if needed, and still have the touch of an email being sent.

Result: With recurrent runs, each valued employee and contractor in the CRM would get a small annual touch from leadership. Year over year, it helps retain the right kind of company culture even when automated.

Recruitment Funnel

Challenge: A company wanted to have a more hands-off approach to recruiting, only allowing people to schedule time with the decision maker after a bit of review was done.

Solution: Creation of a Zoho sequence, along with a set of tags/automations was the solution employed. When an applicant signs up via web form, their information is added to the Zoho CRM, with a tag listing them as an “Applicant”. From there, the first email comes from the CEO asking the applicant to do a particular task. Once the applicant submits their result then the CEO takes a look. They then decide: should they advance to the next level? Or are they not a fit? If they advance then the CEO knows to add a particular tag to the applicant’s record, which tells the automation to send the next email.

Result: Overall, this approach, while not fully automated, does allow the CEO to have visibility and control in the process, without exposing his schedule to someone who might not be a good fit. It’s light-touch and effective, and serves as the approach for other areas of automation, including email automation with Mailchimp.